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Negotiations Over Redistricting Reform Break Down

Common Cause Ohio
Ohio Public Television
Catherine Turcer

Closed-door negotiations over a new way to draw Ohio’s Congressional map have broken down. Ohio lawmakers and representatives from citizens’ groups left the Statehouse late last night without coming to an agreement.

The two sides have been trying to amend a redistricting plan GOP lawmakers want in a way that would be acceptable to citizens’ groups that are pushing their own reform for the fall ballot. But shortly after 10 last night, Catherine Turcer from Common Cause Ohio said changes had not been enough to accomplish her groups’ basic goals.

“It does not address gerrymandering. It does not keep communities together. And it doesn’t prohibit drawing a district map to favor or disfavor one political party. These are basic things you want in any proposal.”

Talks continue but lawmakers are running out of time. They’d need to pass their plan before February 7th to get it on the May ballot.

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