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Democratic Race For Governor Gets Nasty As Frontrunners Spar Over Issues

Statehouse News Bureau
Democratic candidates for governor Dennis Kucinich (left) and Richard Cordray

The Democratic race for governor is taking a nastier turn. The two candidates thought to be the frontrunners are sparring over their ties to certain organizations.

Former Gov. Ted Strickland, who has endorsed Richard Cordray, says voters need to know more about Dennis Kucinich’s ties to a pro-Syrian group that paid him $20,000 that wasn’t disclosed in previous campaign finance forms.

“Dennis has chosen to associate himself with some of the most despicable people imaginable. You don’t get much lower than gassing men, women and little kids and that is what the Assad regime has done and Dennis has been a cheerleader for that regime.”

Kucinich says he was paid to speak at a peace conference. And he’s pushing for an assault weapons ban in Ohio, noting Cordray, while Attorney General, led the battle to repeal such a ban in Cleveland.

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