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New Ohio Bill Mandates High Schoolers Be Taught About Fetal Development And Abortion Alternatives

Rep. Niraj Antani

A new bill has been introduced that would require health classes cover fetal development and offer students information on where they can find prenatal care. But it doesn’t include other related information.

Republican Representative Niraj Antani’s “Unborn Child Development Education Act” would require high school students to be taught about the development of fetuses "including what happens when the unborn child is in the womb and what happens during an abortion.”

Jaime Miracle with NARAL ProChoice Ohio says the state, which has a policy of promoting abstinence in school health classes, should be teaching comprehensive sex education instead. “And in fact, they are so scared to create sex education standards that we don’t even have health education standards,”  Miracle said. But Antani said that’s not included.

So I asked him, “Now you are saying you want people armed with all of the information. Is that going to include birth control methods as well?"

“No, this bill is simply about what happens with the unborn child, not about any of that,” Antani said.

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