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State Mandated Tests Might Not Happen This Year

Lisa F. Young,

Ohio’s K-12 schools should be gearing up to take state mandated tests during the first week of April. But there’s no guarantee the schools will be back in session by that point if the coronavirus situation isn’t under control by then. Those tests might not happen.

Democratic State Representatives Lisa Sobecki and Jeffrey Crossman say the tests shouldn’t happen this year. 

“I think it would be wise that we forego this year on testing and our state report cards," Sobecki says.

"We’d rather have our students focus on preparing students for the next level than preparing for a test," Crossman adds.

Gov. Mike DeWine says if it makes sense to waive the test this year, he’ll do it but he'll consult with lawmakers and lawyers. And there's a chance schools won’t come back into session at all this school year anyway. 

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