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U.S. Senators Weigh In On President Biden's Infrastructure Plan

Construction near Columbus
Statehouse News Bureau
Construction near Columbus

After 100 days in office, President Joe Biden is set to lay out his legislative agenda before his first joint session of Congress tonight. Ohio’s two Senators are split over the plans they think he will talk about. 

Biden will talk about coronavirus but Democratic Sen Sherrod Brown thinks the president will also talk about his new $2 trillion infrastructure plan. Brown says that will provide a boost for Ohioans by using American made products. 

“American tax dollars should go toward American made products that support American jobs, period.” 

Republican Sen. Rob Portman says the infrastructure plan will kill many jobs. 

“If you raise these taxes as the White House has proposed as part of infrastructure, you are not only going to make our companies uncompetitive. You will make our workers uncompetitive.” 

Biden’s plan includes money for traditional infrastructure as well as broadband and improvements for schools and facilities that serve veterans. 

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