Abortion Clinics Blame State Inaction In Suit Over New Law

Mar 10, 2021

Abortion providers are suing the state to stop a new law that requires burial or cremation from aborted fetal remains. 

The ACLU of Ohio’s Legal Director, Freda Levenson, says the new law is supposed to go into effect April 6, but abortion clinics don’t have rules and paperwork they need from the Ohio Department of Health yet.

“Everything is really dependent on ODH issuing this guidance that they, so far, refuse to issue," Levenson says.

The lawsuit seeks a temporary restraining order to put the law on hold. Allie Frazier with Ohio Right to Life sees the lawsuit as obstacle to achieving the law’s goal. 

“The goal is to reinforce that basic human dignity and hold the abortion industry accountable," Frazier says.

The law says the state is not charged with issuing rules until July 5, but abortion providers say they cannot comply with rules that haven’t yet been issued.