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Rules Committee Wraps Marathon Day By Shooting Down Anti-Trump Proposal To "Unbind" Delegates

Karen Kasler
The RNC Rules Committee met at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland.

The Rules Committee of the Republican National Convention has finished its work, essentially quashing the efforts to block Donald Trump from securing the nomination. Now the final preps for the RNC are underway before the convention gets underway Monday.

Ohio Republican Party Chair Matt Borges leads the Ohio delegation, and he said he’s relieved that the major work is done in getting ready for the convention.  “We’re ready. We feel like of the things we can control we’re in a very good place. There’s been a great team and a great plan in place for a long time.”

The work of the 112-member rules committee was one of the final pieces to finish up, and it was feared the meeting would carry on late Friday and even into the early hours of Saturday.  The committee voted 87-12 for a rule that requires delegates to vote for the nomination of the candidate they’ve been pledged to.

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