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Ohio House Speaker Says Redistricting Panel Is Serious About Coming Up With A Workable Solution

Speaking to reporters
Jo Ingles
Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger

The leader of the Ohio House of Representatives is optimistic a new panel looking at ways to reform congressional redistricting will be able to come up with a good solution soon. 

Republican Speaker Cliff Rosenberger says the four members of the bipartisan panel are ready to work on a new plan to draw the Congressional map.

“We look forward to them being part of that process and having everybody, even those who are out collecting signatures right now, to come in and be a part of the process because we want it to be inclusive and try to come to a true, you know, a true result that will work.”

The Ohio League of Women Voters, Common Cause Ohio and other groups have a plan to give the Congressional map-drawing authority to a bipartisan commission that voters approved in 2015 to draw state lawmakers’ districts. The groups are gathering signatures to put that plan before voters next fall. But this new legislative panel is expected to create a plan that keeps the authority with state lawmakers. That proposal could go before voters next spring. 

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