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Abortion Opponents Want Ohio's Health Department To Revoke Toledo Clinic's License

Jo Ingles
A 2016 Ohio Health Department hearing about abortion

Abortion opponents have asked the Ohio Department of Health to consider taking action against Toledo’s only abortion clinic. 

Earlier this year, the Toledo clinic was limited to medication only procedures because it couldn’t comply with a state law. Since then, it has complied and is back to doing surgical abortions. But Ohio Right to Life’s Mike Gonadakis says the state should pull the center’s license because of questions about health, safety and tax issues.

“When you culminate all of these things together and you look at the situation we have with Capital Care, you have to scratch your head and wonder," Gonidakis says.

But Kellie Copeland with NARAL Pro Choice Ohio says there’s no question the facility is operating legally and characterizes the complaint filed with the state like this:

“This complaint – it’s sour grapes. It’s more of the same," Copeland says.

The complaint says the Ohio Department of Health isn’t addressing issues that warrant the clinic’s closure.

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