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First Campaign Finance Filings Of 2018 Show Big Money Already In Race For Governor

Daniel Konik

The governor's race is shaping up to be expensive, according to the campaign finance filings for the last six months of last year. And the money leaders in the Republican and Democratic primaries easily outraised their opponents.

The Republican ticket of Mike DeWine and Jon Husted leads with over $10.5 million cash on hand - more than $4.6 million from Husted's closed-down campaign for governor. Mary Taylor declares $3.5 million that Mary Taylor, but it's almost all loans – $3 million from Taylor and $250,000 from her running mate Nathan Estruth. On the Democratic side, Richard Cordray leads the pack with just over $2 million since he announced in December, including $111,000 from his former competitor turned running mate Betty Sutton. Connie Pillich has just over $911,000, and Joe Schiavoni has nearly $342,000. Bill O'Neill and Dennis Kucinich don't have to file for this period because they declared their candidacies this year.

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